Ramy Issac is a prominent figure in the world of architecture and building design. He has contributed more than 30 years of his life in taking the game of designing building to the next level. Art plays a major role in Ramy Issac’s life. He grew up in Tzfat in Israel, also known as the “artist colony.” While living in that small town Ramy Issac was surrounded by some of the great art work done by talented artists, which inspired him to become an artist. As a result, he contributed most of his time painting and drawing during the teenage days. As an artist, Ramy Issac also dedicated hours sketching and painting when he was serving the Israeli Army.

Sneak peek into Ramy’s education!

Well, Mr. Issac joined prestigious Technion in Haifa to study art and architecture, where he graduated cum laude and completed his bachelor’s degree in architecture and city planning. After this, he went to New York’s Pratt Institute to earn an advanced degree in Master of Architecture. Currently, Mr. Ramy Issac is a registered Architect in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Florida.

A walkthrough Ramy’s journey as an architect!

Ramy Issac, along with his team of experienced architects, has worked on a variety of projects. This includes penthouses, apartments, restaurants, nightclubs, offices, churches and synagogues. The ultimate goal of Ramy Issac when designing a building is combining aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. The best thing about Ramy Issac is that he worked on some of the neglected buildings in the city and designed them into astounding, classic buildings. Whether he designs a building from scratch or just renovates it, he makes sure the prior permits have been filed. Mr. Ramy Issac takes pride in work he has done in architecture and building design.

Have a look at some of his recent accomplishments.

A stunning seven-story multi-purpose building located at 2075 Anthony Avenue in Tremont, The Bronx.

A striking transformation of a three-story Classical Revival library into a residential building at 61 Rivington Street in Chinatown, Manhattan.

A luxury boutique five-story apartment building at 288 Water Street in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn.

Most of the buildings designed by Ramy Issac and his team are the perfect combination of art and innovation. Of course, Ramy being a passionate artist, you can expect to see a lot of art inspired work in all his buildings. One such project is an 8-story building at 1535 Bedford Avenue.

Let’s stroll the building!

Developed by Adam American Real Estate, the eight-story residential building at 1535 Bedford Avenue is constructed at the site previously taken by a Eastern Parkway gas station. The building is located between the Northern Corner of Eastern Parkway and Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights and its structure is a combination of creativity and innovation. The lot of the building is more or less irregular. But you can see the main structure of the building is rectangular with a retail space at the base, meeting the intersection at the acute angle. That’s what we call innovation.

Apart from this, Ramy Issac has been working on multiple building projects in and around New York.